Child Bearing Prayer~

Father, I come before you in repentance and choose to turn from all iniquity and sin and disobedience and for any misguided choices and decisions that I have made in my past.  I now stand in the righteousness of Jesus fully washed and sanctified in Him, by faith.  I seek to prove that faith by bringing this same confession to pass through out my life as I follow you, Holy Spirit, in this walk.  I set my heart God to seek relationship with you through Jesus and I set my heart to seek your will and purpose for my life.



Father I confess- (confess specific things that come to your heart -: past relationships, operations, defilements, abuse, rape, incest, abortions, etc     allow The Holy Spirit to guide). And confess them all as sin and ask the Lord to forgive you.



I turn and repent from these things and I break all ungodly soul ties with (name doctors, ex-partners, ex-relationships or people who have abused or raped you).



(Absolutely necessary– this will bring healing and faith to believe).     I forgive from my very heart each of these people and bless them. Lord, I ask you for healing and deliverance from these soul ties. (Ultra-super important, to forgive from the heart, not just the head and to ask God to help-faith).


(Very important- as above).   I forgive myself Father from my very heart for the foolish choices and things that I have done or have happened.  (once again, not just forgiving in thought with the head – but with the heart and ask God for help in the forgiveness process).  God loves you, Jesus died for you.    Believe the gospel.    Very important to forgive ourselves because Jesus died for us to have this grace.  Don’t waste GRACE in self-rejection, self-hatred, unworthiness or self-pity etc.  give it all to The Lord.    Remember to ask Jesus for help-(faith) to forgive yourself and then receive forgiveness.



Father I ask forgiveness and healing for all things mentioned and following in Jesus name.  I cut and break every curse I or any other person has spoken over me or my spouse.  I cut and break every curse that has come down our generational lines right back to Adam and Eve.  I cut and break any contract or agreement made with the kingdom of darkness through ourselves or our ancestors, or through religion, covens, cults or any other organization.   I break and cut all defilements, agreements or spiritual ties, and contracts that have been made knowingly or unknowingly in any form.  I break and cut and renounce any spiritual marriage contract and issue a Writ of Divorce and command all evil spirits to leave. I cut and break all witchcraft and sorcery and soul ties with any of these things mentioned and with any person involved in these.  I cover this family with the blood of Jesus and speak and command redemption, healing and restoration in Jesus name over my family.    I command healing to all areas effected and ask God you bring restoration to our whole being, and relationships.  Including our blood and DNA.  I strip the enemy of all power over these things, and over our relationship and command each to leave.  Father I ask for healing in our relationship.



I ask you Father for healing to our hearts and restoration to our souls and I thank you for this grace and mercy.  I give to you all bitterness, resentment, hatred, hurt, pain, emotional pain, and every feeling of need and despair etc. (let The Lord guide additional things He brings to mind).   I give all these to you, and lay it all at your feet and ask you to fill these needs and heal these defilements and bring restoration to our souls, mind, heart and body.  I pray you fill these places Jesus, through your grace and mercy, in the name of Jesus.   I thank you Jesus and praise you.



I realize God you want children brought up in Godly relationships, and under the covenant of marriage.  I realize you want each and every child to be raised knowing your love, a father’s love, and mothers love.  And to be raised knowing your ways and knowing Jesus.  I ask Lord that you bring my life into alignment with this, and I commit this to you and choose to live and raise any children you bless me with, in this manner.  I ask you to give myself and husband the ability to do so.  I pray God for healing to the womb and every other part of my body (name anything known) which is preventing me from conceiving.



Thank you, God, for your grace and mercy and love which we have now received.  I thank you and praise you!    I ask you God for the blessing of children in our life and for your blessing on our family as we grow up in Jesus.  We commit to seek you with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.  We know we need your help and so we ask you for help and ability and the power of The Holy Spirit to work in us to bring your will to pass. Thank you God, in the name of Jesus.