4 thoughts on “How to Overcome Sin and satan Prayer

  1. Marion Harvey

    I havnt moved forward at all in all my life. I can’t say “I know I have a long way to go still but I can look back and see how far I’ve come”. I don’t know why I am stuck here. How do I change as the bible says …when we ask jesus into our life his spirit comes and lives in us and we receive the fruits of the spirits. I can’t do anything right. I believe without a doubt in God…but I come to him and ask for help but most of my prayers go into a prayer abyss it seems. I have no trust anymore in my prayers being answered so even if I pray I just feel like it’s not going to change anything anymore. I have so much to say but I can’t even begin. I’m overwhelmed with myself and the the world …family etc and the best I can describe my thoughts and feelings are …I’m underwhelmed as a suppsedly christian. I can’t even call myself a christian. Everything I read just makes me feel useless …failure. I read ppl say things like I love jesus praise the Lord etc and I think …I wish I could say that. I read about judgement and how we eill be judged and I think. ..I’m going to fail…I’m don’t do anything for God. I’m useless to him. Weak pathetic. I’ve failed to obey him. I don’t go to church. Man I could go on and on. I feel lost and empty.

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Marion….we are live now…. please join us! You are invited to a Zoom meeting now.

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        1. PeterDelivera Post author

          yes! The whole team… Try to come Monday, 6pm central time. Same room number. She the Youtube for examples.


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