Prayer for Rejection and Unloved Spirit

Father, forgive me for all sins. I repent for all sins (name them if the Holy Spirit brings them to you). I forgive everyone who ever hurt me/persecuted me and ask you Lord to help me to forgive them. Now Lord, I bless them all in Jesus’ name.

I also forgive myself for everything I’ve done in the past. It is under the blood of Jesus, washed clean for a fresh start with Jesus, never to be remembered again.

I come out of agreement with rejection and abandonment in Jesus name.

We bind the strongman and all deliverance blockers in Jesus name. We bust down all demonic walls with an earthquake of the Lord

Father in the name of Jesus we ask for the Holy Spirit fire! we bind sabotage and rejection, we ask Father that you pull out all the roots of mistrust and rejection in Jesus name!

Out in the name of Jesus never to return!  All worry, double-mindedness, unworthy, and fear go, in Jesus name!

All witchcraft go on Jesus name. We cut it off right now! We loose angles to drag all these spirits out!  Out of the mind, blood, body in Jesus name! All astro-projection, we cut you off as well as all familiar sprints in Jesus name!

I proclaim that all rejection was cut off at the cross! I am accepted in the beloved by my Lord Jesus Christ. I draw my love from you, Jesus! You are my strength!Unloved spirit, you are a LAIR! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Go! never to return!

All Condemnation and guilt go in Jesus name never to return.

Father, I thank you for the miracle in the name of JESUS. I thank you for this healing and deliverance from rejection and feeling unloved and from all form of sickness. I believe by faith that it is done and I’m going to speak life in areas I have doubt and stand on your word in Jesus name AMEN!