Prayer to Break/Cancel Word Curses

Whom the Son sets Free is

Father, I repent for using word curses against myself, friends, family, and anyone else I’ve come into contact with. Father, I am sorry please forgive me, LORD and wash me of these sins with the Blood of Jesus!!  I ask you Father to loose Warring angels to destroy all banners, scripts, scrolls, rights, contracts, vowels and negative word curses that I have spoken over myself, my children, grandchildren, family and friends be broken NOW in the name of Jesus! I bind all these word curses to Failure and cover them in the Blood of Jesus, casting them to the pit never to manifest or return. I also command all unfruitful and negative words spoken by myself to fall to the ground, die, and bear no more fruit!  Father I ask you to Loose warring angels to stand guard by what is manifesting for me my family and friends in the spirit realm from you LORD! Thank you Jesus for this Victory! Glory to God and the Kingdom of Heaven! Amen!