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Keys to the Kingdom: The Prison Door is Already Wide Open!

Tomorrow, I want to encourage us to take a bit of a different approach to deliverance, particularly by helping others to start using their own Faith & the Authority that God has already deposited in them. A lot of people feel that God has abandoned them because they don’t think God is listening because they don’t see his Power or Love and then they   become defeated. Many people are trapped in situations that seem impossible to get out of when in actual fact the prison door is already wide open! Most of these people trapped have never been taught how to see past the smoke screen Satan thrown in front of them. They believe in the seen instead of the unseen, consequently there seems to be no escape! Fear blocks faith, after hearing the Word we need to become doers of the Word, this is difficult if we don’t have people around us demonstrating it to us. Jesus was the perfect example, as I have said many times if you want to know what the real Church looks like then study what Jesus did… he is what Church should look like. Jesus has already equipped the Church to overcome anything the Enemy might bring to stand against you, he has already prepared the way out for everybody that believes. If we are to know the real saviour (not the false one that so many people create in their mind) we must learn faith, because God is a God of Faith. People today are extremely impatient, we seem to have this idea that everything has to be instant, now… today… right this minute! This is a lie from the pit of Hell. This is why he has equipped the Church with patience and long suffering and given us Faith, Hope & Love, until we eventually see the manifestation of the Promise in our lives, whatever it is we overcome in Him, in His Word.

We spoke last week on the revelation of Covenant and how God never fails to keep it with us. Tomorrow we will possibly touch on it if I get time to put some more together.

There are lots of awesome new prayers on the web site, and testimonies of what God is doing.

Testimonies…yes testimonies, if you have any please bring them along or send them to Tracy to upload so someone else can get blessed by it.

We are still looking for a volunteer to bring the Praise music so we can all rejoice together and praise God for what he has done and continues to do?

Here is the link to the new Mass deliverance U tube.

All the groups are up and running as normal.

The new U TUBE Channel is….

The meeting will run for about 5hrs which includes all aspects of Ministry.

We now have a Facebook Page which is “Keys to the Kingdom Fellowship”

So get on board, it’s a great opportunity to minister to people and use your gifts in the Lord.

If you have been experiencing trouble joining the Zoom Room, or just don’t know how to, the attached link will explain it…

The ID Number is 392740301 and a link is at the bottom of this email.

Please come and join us this week, there is always a spare seat at his Table

where you can be a part of God’s family.

Please tell your friends about the ministry if you feel led, it’s a great way to witness Jesus in a practical way.

We will also pray against any attacks the enemy has devised against the ministry as we break into new ground setting people free especially in the area of their Soul.

Fellowship is so important as it is Christ’s Body…. His Church, so don’t forsake the assembling of the Brethren.

This service runs continually for up to 6-7 hours so you can drop in anytime if you have any commitments.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the Zoom Room, it is becoming quite a hangout for the Lord’s Children in getting all kinds of help, particularly for fellowship.

Great testimonies which Tracy is posting on the web site

The teachings are being posted on the web site each week as PDF files or Video Live Stream U Tubes for further study and sharing.

Keys to the Kingdom Fellowship is about training and equipping the saints for ministry. So we need to try & focus on the gifts of the Spirit confirming it with power & demonstrations of the Holy Spirit, 1 Corinthian 2 verse 6.

Christ is the head of HIS BODY (The True Church) and we are all ONE IN HIM. Church without walls.

Remember the gifts of the Spirit are there for the edification of the His Body, whom you are, so there is no better time to use them as in fellowship, Amen!

Remember the principle of this fellowship is building a foundation in Christ, then the deliverance is simple, so we will be feasting on the importance of manifesting HIS LOVE THROUGH FAITH, and the enemy hates this as we see every week!!!

So we are in for another Banquet seated at his table!

Again….. Please make sure you come into the group clothed in the full armour of God, this is front line ministry, please don’t worry because you are in the right place and the Lord will lift a Standard against the enemy.

Please try to be there as close to start time as possible, so we can enjoy communion together as a Body.

When you join us  feel free to bring whatever’s on your heart to share at the Lords Zoom Room this Saturday or Sunday (check time zone),

I see the Church as His Body, functioning as the Lord created it to function….Christ at the Head with the Spirit leading, Amen!!

Looking forward to seeing you ALL.

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Be Blessed


Peter Johnson


Keys of the Kingdom Deliverance: The Prison Door is Already Wide Open!