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Smashing satans kingdom one testimony at a time!

I went to the doctor and found out all 6 of my blood clots are gone. I couldn't wait to tell you all because I know you all have been praying and have been so nice to me . Be blessed. Have a good day.
Sister in the Lord
**testimony** I was leaving 🌶 Chili's earlier and I encountered a couple coming into the restaurant and we started talking. I learned she had a painful knee so I asked to pray for her and she agreed. She received healing in her knee but she also was filled with the joy of the lord. It's an awesome privilege to introduce the love of the Lord to people. As you go, be the light.
Chet F
Child of God
Hi Tracy, can u thank the group who prayed for me please. I feel different like something deep within has gone, a huge burden Id been carrying gone since a child and when he spoke in tongues I heard that before too that particuler word I recognized it that makes sense. Thank you heaps! Glory to God!
Sister in the Lord
On November 15, 2017 after Bible Study a door was opened for me to be baptized, which I had been praying for. I had been baptized 10 years ago, but I had not truly repented. The Holy Spirit led Bro. Reggie into a deliverance session with me. This will likely not cover all the Holy Spirit did within me, as it was very extensive and I know He's still at work. However, this covers what was miraculously on that beautiful night. I felt the deep roots of bitterness, rejection, resentment, and unforgiveness be pulled out of the depths of my soul. Physically I felt those roots being pulled out down deeply as low as my navel. I felt the deep sadness and confusion that had been held within me since I was younger than 8. I even saw my face when I cried out and it was the same face as when I was a child trying to understand why nobody cared that I was abused. I felt all of those deep pains leave me. Pain I thought I had already dealt with. But, Glory to God He led me to servants who believed in deliverance. I had began doing self-deliverance 3 weeks ago with whatever information I could get my hands on. I knew this was the answer and it would be possible through the Power of Jesus! I experienced great improvements from doing self-deliverance, but I knew there was more and I knew in my spirit that the Body of Christ would be used to take my deliverance further and deeper. I would like to point out that my nickname used to be pill poppa. I loved pills. All kinds of pills.I believed in medicine and didn't think God would heal me because of my past sins. I felt healing was for everyone but me. But let me tell you if He'll do it for me He'll do it for you! He delivered me of ALL mental health issues and I went from 12 Rx to 1 the 2 weeks prior to this deliverance session. Don't give up! I had many problems with my hips, spine, neck, legs,arms, and pretty much my entire body beginning at age 14 and I was set free completely yesterday at age 32. The Holy Spirit gave knowledge to Bro. Reggie of where I still remained in physical pain and needed complete realignment in my spine. Jesus truly is our Personal Physician. Here is a list of what happened before my eyes and what I felt also. * Hips were realigned * Right leg lengthened and then brought back shorter to the exact length of my left leg. * Spine was adjusted with one pop that the Holy Spirit did without any movement of my body * Pain in my left leg (caused by serpentine spirits) left then I felt it grabbing on to my knee. After some time of commanding them to leave and they left! * Injury from bed breaking during suffocation attempt left my spine very messed up but I am HEALED! * PRIDE WAS ALSO CAST OUT (LEVIATHAN) ** THAT WAS A ROOT TO THE PAIN IN MY LEG * Spirits of Addiction were also cast out. I still have more to do in this area. I'm still wanting cigarettes, but once I start smoking I put them out much more quickly. I will continue going through the deliverance packet provided until EVERYTHING is GONE! I'm so grateful for this ministry of servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! All Glory to God!
Sister in the Lord
TESTIMONY OF HOLY SPIRIT DELIVERANCE WITHOUT BEING PRAYED FOR BY A HUMAN I went into Reggie’s zoom room to listen to bible study. There were about 4 other Christian brothers in the room. I could feel the anointing and of course Reggie was speaking good (smiling, he always preaches good.) What’s really interesting he more often than not speaks on the scriptures or topic that seem to be on my mind that I may have been thinking about that day or during the week. All of his preaching was so accurate to me, I was in awe and had felt so much joy of the lord, I was like a little kid. Next thing I felt was major deliverance. I was nonstop yawning, eyes watering, nose running for a good 15 minutes, it was amazing. I typed in the room and said “Is someone praying for me” and my brother typed back and said I was being touched. I did not know what he meant by that word “touched”. At the end of the study I had to give this testimony and Reggie had said that he opens up in a particular prayer that would have a brother or sister receive deliverance from the Holy Spirit. I really want to know the words so that I can pray it over others because the amount of deliverance and JOY and ENERGY afterwards was almost indescribable. I felt like running around the block, doing a major happy dance, I felt literally like a little kid sitting on Father God’s knee’s playing with his beard. It is still mind blowing here this morning as I am writing this testimony. My skin still feels all tingly and I have so much Joy of the Holy Spirit. I praise and thank you deep inside my spirit Holy Spirit for touching me with the blessing of receiving deliverance from you in Jesus Name Amen, Amen and Amen
Laura C
Sister in the Lord
During a normal Sat night zoom meeting I had an earache. Without even having a direct prayer but general prayer in the room. but l know that demon tries to steal and deafen me from believing I don't have it now...Glory to God!
in the Lord
I submit this Testimony for the sole purpose to Give all the honor and Glory to God! I have been struggling with spiritual as well as added on Physical ailments for some time. The closest I came to knowing Jesus loved me was by the Gospel song "Jesus Loves me Yes I know". I did not have a personal relationship with The Christ even though I desperately wanted one, and the struggles I faced seemed to continually mount. I contacted Reggie Soto by a post on the Deliverance Ministry site because satan had tried to keep me from contacting them by refusing my prayer request(Yes this really happened, every time I tried to submit the request It stated "This action is not allowed".) I thank God for this Ministry. After my first Deliverance not knowing much scripture at all I was immediately given words of knowledge, The Lord put on my heart the Scripture Ephesians 1:2 I asked what the scripture was and Joshua cited it "Ephesians 1:2 Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ ". Since this Deliverance I have given words of knowledge to help in other Brothers and Sisters in Christ' Deliverances. I still face trials, as we all do but I know without a doubt that My Lord Jesus, The Living Christ loves me, I am a dear one, as are all of you that read this, you are his Dear one. Don't lose hope, Live for Jesus.. love each other, and with that said, Iet me end this testimony with this..... He spoke to trees, He spoke to wind and waves. He commanded fish to provide His tax money. He spoke to demons and they obeyed. He spoke to sickness and disease and they left the people. His life was a demonstration of how we are to live and function in the Kingdom of God. His disciples asked Him to increase their faith and He answered, “If you have faith as a seed, you will speak. (Matt. 21:21) Amen and Amen.
sister in Christ
*Testimony time* Prayed for a guy working at shop n save... Jesus CRUSHED depression and anxiety on the spot!!! I grabbed his hand and prayed quickly at the checkout. He then smiled and said can I give you a hug so I gave him a hug. He looked at me and said I feel like I've seen you before.. do I know you? I said Jesus lives in me. 🙂 he told me he feels better and it all went away. Glory to God!! ♡
Kingdom Worker
I have been delivered recently of lots of things. My depression is totally gone. My headaches are gone, granted I still have a knot on my head from my concussion, but thank you Jesus- by your stripes I am healed. I have learned to forgive myself. I am no longer using my blue inhaler on a daily basis, lungs are AWESOME– I even ran in church yesterday!!! I am not taking my Prilosec anymore- who needs it. I am eating like a horse again, and VERY VERY active again. In fact, I feel like I am 23 again instead of in my early 50’s. I am more loving now. I have forgiven others for what they have done to hurt me, and had some soul ties broken yesterday at church. I can not say how much I appreciated the deliverence prayers the other night. I am a NEW creature in Chirst, and the old fireball is back again 100% with a fresh hot new fire inside her soul. I am making more testimony videos and singing gospel for the world to see. My God how great thou art!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus– Hallelujauh and Glory to God- I am healed!!!
Sister in the Lord
Hello sis ... I'm sorry I'm just getting back to you . But WOW thank you so much. You have been such a blessing to me . After watching your video. I began to pray . Later I covered my head " which I knew nothing about " and went in prayer . It's truly amazing how different prayer is with your head covered .It sure feels like your one on one with the Father in a spiritual way . I've watched several more videos since then and man have I got a lot more praying to do . I started remembering things as far back to my teenage years . I was dated raped at 16 and 20 I had a friend who read taro-cards . You see I just turned 57 , so you know my life has been a mess . Thank you so so very much for making time for me and leading me to all truths
Sister in the Lord
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah as after mighty prayers last night my tongue began to heal. I would say that it's about 90% healed as I ate and brushed my teeth today with only a little pain compared to how torturous it was before. All the thanks, all the praises, all the honor to you my Heavenly Almighty Father 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️
In The Lord
Wow!! Thanks!! My phone died before we were through! Please thank Joshua and Marilyn for me. I've had personal prayer from some famous people like Frank Hammond who wrote Pigs in the Parlor, and Bob Larson and Benny Hinn but today's session tops them all! Looking forward to tonight!! Thanks again! 💘 Lanie
sister in the Lord
I'm amazed at my healing. I wanted prayer for my back and the pain is GONE. What's really amazing is seeing my right leg was longer than my left become the same length .And a badly broken ankle with plates and screws with limited flexibility moves just like the other ankle . I'd walked with a slight limp . I couldn't run I couldn't bend over without discomfort . I just walked barefoot on my laminate floor with no pain . The flexibility of my ankle is amazing. Praise God ! I took a video of my feet and ankle moving . You can see the scars on my left ankle where I had surgery to fuse and attach my ankle to my leg with plates and screws I couldn't point my toes . ...Wow would you look at that?
Sister in the Lord
I wanted to thank you for your prayers last night. When you prayed. i literally felt the kingdom of heaven come over me. It was like a blanket over my back and felt in my whole body. It was like some spirits literately snapped off me. I could feel them being forced out with a lot of power. I think you decerned right with the certain spirit of mind control being on me. I can sort of see it in the way my thoughts are often effected. Anyway, i just wanted to show my gratitude for everything. God bless you
Brother in the Lord
The Team arranged a meeting for me and ministered to me about the love of Christ and who I am In Christ. There was a lot of deliverance and freedom. I had been having a lot back pain for years and one of the brothers prayed for healing and God realigned my spine and gave me NEW disks in my spine and I do not feel anymore pain. Praise God! I received so much love from the team of members of the deliverance ministry that its just amazing to see God move in such a powerful way. The deliverance team members prayed and a lot of demons came out and I felt better and lighter.They showed me so much love and support. God is so so amazing for all that he does for his people to heal them and set them free from bondage.
Sister in Christ
My testimony.. Years ago I destroyed my heart from drinking three, sometimes more (Red Bull) energy drinks per day - everyday. I stopped in the last moment when starts pain in my heart. People are dying from too many energy drinks - Heart Stops. My heart was destroyed. Few years without energy drinks but pain was more and more often. When heart hurts almost every day, this is very bad sign. I was thinking that I would die soon. Before 6 month I was asking for prayer in ZOOM room - (Keys to the Kingdom fellowship) and one girl named Andrea prayed for me in Jesus name. After prayer I have no more pain. Jesus healed my heart. Hallelujah. Glory to God!
warrior angel
Brother in Christ
I found this ministry through a friend, never been on Zoom before or hadnt really done any sort of Skype stuff. Id had trouble with very bad attacks at night, so Id asked for prayer. I had trouble with being irritable alot and needing to be in control, gossip. I knew I needed help I couldnt concentrate on reading my Bible, was afraid every minute that God would cast me away and not love me any more. I was in torment. They started praying and Old Jezebel pops up, and they prayed something was choking me. After awhile they quit. I needed to go through and make sure I forgave every one. Prayed along with the self deliverance video. We fasted together til Wednesday my flesh hated that all I knew is I wanted to be free was fighting horrible attacks all Wednesday. In mass deliverance I was yawning and coughing like crazy, by the end I felt light, I felt joy. At work I wasnt irritated, I felt different. In my bible studies I read Psalm 18 boy when I was so desperate for freedom (I tear up even now thinking of it) this was so like me.. in my distress I called upon The Lord and he heard my cry, he fought for me, rained fire on the enemy brought me out of deep waters and delivered me from my strong enemy. Im so happy and grateful for how I feel. I dont feel like I need to be in control, or isolate myself, I really feel the Love of Christ, I understand it He loves me ! I can read my bible feel joy feel love. When I hear gossip I want to get away from it. So much of my life is different. Thank you Jesus. Im so thankful too for the network of wonderful Brothers and Sisters who have been so helpful and kind. I will keep coming back. But right now I feel happy I feel joyful. And know he who the Son set free is free indeed Hallelujah !
M Pugh
sister in the Lord
Greetings from my family to your family in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am happy to advise that my son, Emmanuel has been behaving normally in school since our joint prayer for him. Many thanks to God Almighty. According to my son many people have noticed the change from being a bad boy to the most gentle boy in their classroom.
Brother in Christ
Testimony from a woman we prayed for...."AWESOME NEWS!!!!! LUNG TUMORS ARE GONE! THROUGH PRAYER!!"
sister in the Lord
I give God the glory for this wonderful deliverance, I am delivered . After the prayer, I realized that what came out of me is too many demons through vomiting, urination, water came out of my ears, constant running rose, in fact I give God the glory, I am free in Jesu's name. Thank you Jesus. Thank God for using you and your team to deliver me! I am happy now, I feel joy and peace inside of me now. Thank you Jesus. May God continue to use you and your team, you are doing a wonderful work for God. The captives are been set free. I have been bound for 40 years now but today I am set free. Thank you Jesus My heart is full of joy !I can't finish thanking this God who made me to locate your website I have gone to many places for deliverance but what I experienced today, I have never experienced it in my life. Since I was born, I have never vomited once, my mother can bear me witness, is hard for me to vomit but today, what I vomited is too much for me to tell.
in the Lord
I thank my Lord Jesus for using this ministry to bring me the deliverance I’ve needed, even though I knew I was born again I knew somehow I still wasn’t completely free and that there were things in my life tormenting and working against me, I was almost constantly in fear, so afraid that I wouldn’t even close my eyes for too long in prayer because I was afraid, while I was asleep I’d been attacked in my sleep, I found it hard to prayer and to feel even close to God. Now I can say that I’m experiencing God’s love, for the first time I truely seeing Him as my Father and I am His daughter and I will continue to believe and proclaim it. May God bless my brothers and sisters as we help each other and His love abide in us so that we can continue to be connected as the wonderful family we really are.
Sister in the Lord
How Easy Witchcraft is Broken! While driving my car I started hearing a really load clicking noise and the steering was rough. I waited a couple of days and decided to take it to the shop I always trust. The owner drove it and also heard the noise and was very concerned. While waiting for the mechanic to lift it up and check it, a brother in the Lord called and said there's a curse on the car and we simply prayed together and broke it and all witchcraft. Immediately the mechanic said he cant find any problem and the car was not making that clicking noise and the steering was fine. He drove it again and sure enough.... IT WAS GONE! No trace! My car is running and sounding perfect! There is power in the Name of Jesus! Witchcraft doesn't stand a chance! Thank you JESUS!!!!
kingdom worker
I would like to share a Testimony the power of prayer and how I got healing in zoom room earlier this week. I came into the room feeling not well and suffering from pain in my knee and prayer was offered to me. Brother Reggie and the others joined in with healing prayers over me. Afterwards a few moments later I was called away from the room to tend to something which required for me to climb the stairs…. well I wasn’t thinking about at first but shortly after I realized the pain was gone! I immediately returned to the room to thank brother reggie and them all for the Lord used them in a mighty way to pray healing over me! Power in prayer indeed. Thank you Lord Jesus. All Glory and honor goes to you! Praise the Lord! Still pain free! Amen Amen
Sister Alice
Born again Christian
Well I was in the search for someone to help me heal with my anxiety and depression cause I was isolated from being alone and had fears with people judging me… and I happen to meet Peter and Jimmy thru skype from this Exorcist-IN website. They prey first for me to show me who Lord was since I wasn’t a Christian and I was Born again… and then after the prayer… Peter and Jimmy gave me deliverance to get rid of whatever was inside me. I felt much better after the session and cried that I know Jesus loves me and was there to help 😭😇 & The holy spirit was there too to heal me from the demons thats been making me feel bad about myself for all my life. I also remembered the demons in me was giving death stares to Peter and jimmy and was growling and hissing like he hated them with so much anger and talking in this weird evil voice… and at that point my head was aching like something lifted out of my head and I felt the shivers while getting help from them. When the prey finished I feel much lighter from my soul because Lord was there to save me. 😊 Again… Peter and jimmy did a wonderful job in healing me because if the Lord wasnt there with the holy spirit… I would still have to struggle thru my anxiety and depression like everyday. Cuz this morning my head no longer feel heavy and tired like how it was everyday with fears. And my mind is so much brighter and clearer with good thoughts!
This testimony is to give all the glory and praise to God in Jesus name, amen! We are a team and ambassadors for God’s kingdom Thank you lord for the healing.My name is Abi.I would like to tell how God miraculously healed me.I had severe pain on my bulge and i cant walk due to pain.That time i sent pray request to Brother Reggie and their team. Their team (in zoom) prayed for me. After the prayer i feel better and feel divine peace.Pain decreased a lot.After one day i don’t have any pain on the bulge and bulge DISAPPEARED. They doing great service. Praise the lord.
Child of God
Praise God ………. Meeting Jimmy and Peter has been life changing for me. I received deliverance and have been healed of my crippling anxiety, depression and nausea. I have even been able to work this week. I feel so blessed to have found you all and although I know it is the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus that has healed me I also know he has used people like you as tools. I can’t describe the joy and relief I feel. I feel like I am literally born again and for the first time I really know the truth.
Testimony…. Nelly received some Deliverance, wow! Deliverance coughed out demons then lots of pain left not all but lots and she received baptizim of holy spirit and just a few words in tongues but it’s a start! God be all the glory and praise in Jesus name amen I’ll continue to to be God’s ambassador and minister to her also on behalf of deliverance ministry Thank you this is awesome!
Born Again Christian
Quite a few healing evangelists understand deliverance but it is not easy to get extended time with them. If it doesn’t happen on their altar call in a few minutes they may not be available afterwards. That is just the way things are normally structured. In South America they train many deliverance ministers to be on hand and do the work during their crusade meetings, but in some countries the leaders don’t realise the need – its almost as if “there are no demons in Australia” or whatever. Apparently someone actually said this! It can be hard to find a deliverance minister available to help when you feel oppressed by dark spiritual power – demons. But I list here skype contacts of people who do minister deliverance online. Here is the first one: Peter Johnson. Skype id: keystothekingdomprayergroup Peter is an Australian living on the Gold Coast who has been effectively doing this ministry for years. I have met him and can vouch for the fact that he is for real and God is using him.
Michael Fackerell
Update my eyesight is better now after reading the self deliverance mass deliverance of the keys to the kingdom website for the second time this day Also the war day dreams which started back in 2014 they stopped today! ALL GLORY TO GOD!
Child of God
Sister in Zoom Saturday Night
Born Again Christian
This started in 2005 when i was twenty years old. I had gotten a job at JL French factory helping to make car parts. I was a naive boy at the time. Soon after i got hired i had noticed my coworkers were….different. All they cared about was getting laid and drinking. And the mouth in them, it was so bad it was pathological. One coworker in 1998 stabbed his abusive stepfather in the back with a kitchen knife and when i asked if he felt guilty about it, he said no. As time went on, i literally asked myself,”Bad people exist?” At the time i had a lot of head knowledge of the bible and Jesus and when people found out i was a “christian” the mistreatment got a lot worse. A lot of my coworkers saw i was different and made me a target. I hid all that anger that kept growing and growing. It turned out that another coworker became a rapist and another went schizophrenic, shot his wife in the neck and blew his head off. These people needed justice, not mercy or grace and i wasn’t getting any. One day in May of the same year, a coworker told me a bogus near death experience which made me snap mentally. All that anger came to the surface and it took A LOT of self control to not commit assault on my enemies. I drove home that night angrier than at work. I ended up saying to God,”Get the $@!# out of my life! Why should i follow You anymore? If you won’t take care of them, I WILL!!” That last part meant kill. As soon as the words were said, my personality changed. I was no longer innocent and with no God. I was capable of murder and i liked it. I never acted on any of this because i didnt want to go to prison and i couldnt explain away God. I wanted to hunt down all evil scum and rid the world of them. It was control and sweet sweet power. After a three hour physical beating from my two neighbors, i was just….done. Only place to turn was the God i had rejected. Realizing what i had done, i ended up with two sets of instincts. Godly ones and the kill evil people in Punisher style. Four years later, in 2009, i was a shell of myself. Suicidal, worthless, angry, and without hope. On August 21, i was invited to a bonfire at my old church by a pretty girl. Figured i would go for the females and hot dogs. I had some delicious hot dogs, met God instead. I was walking in the parking lot and became aware that things were….different. Like i had stepped into a new reality. Plus there was this invisible presence that was very very happy that i was there. I found the leader and started talking As i was talking to the leader, i found the man was……different. Very different from everyone else. No potty mouth, selfless, cared about me, and actually good. This wasnt right. People DO NOT act like this. Ever. The invisible presence was behind him and had tethers to him and sometimes spoke through him. I told him of a very very graphic satanic nightmare i had two nights before. He didn’t bat an eye and called a friend of his who was experienced in these matters. She came 130 minutes later and caught me off guard, by knowing my name and me having a nightmare. We sat down and she asked a few questions and i answered them and then she began to tell me everything i was doing at the time. Stuff only God knew. Was she following me? Psychic? A stalker? It was clear that this was God talking through another. God doesnt do that. It just doesn’t work like that, but here i was and it was happening. So i asked a few questions and at the end, she said my life will change dramatically. I didn’t believe her. Next day i rented a christian movie and went to the special features menu and the song never been unloved started playing and that same invisible presence came every evil, depressing, demonic, negative thing fled and peace flooded everything. I remembered her words and my life did change. Forever. When i was recruited to this ministry, i came in with a decent amount of knowledge about spiritual warfare and after realizing my demons had returned, everyone administered to me and are very thorough and efficient. I have greater peace now, more fruits of the holy spirit are starting to manifest, also more emotional feeling is manifesting as well. ZOOM has helped me in a huge, impactful way!
Child of God
Last night I was witness to the awesome power of the Lord God most high, our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no barrier to the power of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. No distance or method of communication can stop the will of God in Jesus name. The Following is the testimony conducted by brother Christa N Reggie Soto: Prayer testimony , In prayer group yesterday In a deliverance ministry video conference room last night and God’s mighty power was definitely present as always but a supernatural Healing happened on video that I must share To God be all the glory and praise in Jesus name amen a lady with severe back n nerve pain who was in 2 different car accidents Was healed by God on video we talked her through and God’s mighty power realigned her skeleton legs grew even and arms grew even on video and pain started leaving her But as she began to pray and read bible the enemy begin to attack her again so just keep her in prayer also she has been on pain killers so long she needs prayer to break away from that so I also believe God is still bring her mind and body to a total recalubration and whole again she also rededicated her life to Jesus and that really touched my Heart So I ThAnk God for the prayer team and I’m so grateful to be witness to God’s supernatural power and to hear them say they seen and felt God put her bones back in place and grow into alignment on a video conference that still is On my mind God be all the glory and praise in Jesus name amen
Sister B
Loves Jesus!
Testimony from a brother seeking deliverance and the Lord (Holy Spirit) told him “Peter Johnson” and he found him! Thank God for telling me The name Peter Johnson and I found your ministry! God be all the glory and praise in Jesus name, amen From Reggie and family RSMINISTRIES,Patterson ca
Reggie Soto
Kingdom Worker
TESTIMONY FROM THE WINTER CONFERENCE AT MINISTRY OF SALVATION! My daughter Beth & I attended the Winter Conference in Oxford, NJ. I have been praying over my daughter for many years. Last week she came to me desperate and confided in me of a heroin addiction. I could see she was finally at a place where she was willing to accept Christ as her savior and walked her through the salvation prayer. Things begun to happen quickly . I attended a woman’s meeting on Zoom with Tracy and a few other women who mentioned the conference and that we would greatly benefit. It was funded by God who touched the women (in another country) in this meeting and we were able to attend. I went with expectation of Deliverance for my daughter and we BOTH received deliverance. Soon as we arrived and the message went forth, I started manifesting a serpent spirit that had me in grips. Spirit of lust and perversion, Generational curses…and my daughter was delivered from Jezebel , addiction , sorcery and witchcraft , just to name a few. What took place at the conference through Love and the holy spirit was nothing short of a miracle for my family. To hear my daughter speak so highly of the church and the people she met, and how comfortable and loved that she felt, being met right where she was at, was heartwarming to me as her mother. I praise God for the ministry he has blessed Pastor Charles with. His love for God’s people is extremely evident . The whole congregation came together to love us into freedom through Christ our Lord & savior . I would like to personally thank everyone who helped with the care of my grandchildren while my daughter & I received deliverance of demonic oppression. You made what would have been difficult, become easy , with all of your assistance with them.
Sister Casey
Child of God
Amazing Holy Spirit led deliverance session with Tracy Johnson and her fellow ministers the other night. The Holy Spirit didn’t waste any time in getting down to business and hitting the nail on the head. Gagged up a legion: pride, jealousy, envy, competitiveness, jezebel, rejection, and restlessness were all exposed and cast out in Jesus name. My heart welled with shame, my cheeks burned and I heaved sighs as these unwelcome resident spirits knew they had been caught and had to go. Haughty looks and fornication were met with repentance. Glory was given to God for exposing the works of darkness operating in my life. I am feeling more freedom, but I know that there is no once and for all with deliverance, as long as we are here the work is ongoing. I will be rebuking these evil things for the rest of my time on earth. Snakes and scorpions your time is short. We have authority over you in Christ not the other way around. Foul spirits reading this tremble and confess that you are under the authority of the Almighty and there is no other name but the name of Jesus by which you must come out. Thank you Jesus!
Sister S
Born again Christian
Freedom From Jezebel Spirit and Complete Healing From Celiac The summer of 2015 someone told me I had a Jezebel spirit. I naturally denied it, got offended and then I went online and googled it. After hours of pouring over website after website learning about this horrific demon called “Jezebel” I was convinced I had it. So I did what any new Christian would do, I went to churches asking for deliverance. I got brushed off, lied to and assured I did not have demons; after all how could I, I was a Christian. So back online I searched for help. God lead me to this website, where I found some great people who assured me I was completely normal (only Jesus didn’t have demons) and who were willing to cast the devils out in Jesus name. During one of my deliverance sessions (done on skype or in the zoom room) I heard a voice in my head scream “I’m the reason she can’t have bread” a few yawns and a cough or two later we called it a night. I joined the group the following Saturday for fellowship and took communion with ‘real bread’ for the first time! I was no longer celiac! Jesus had set me free! Jesus hadn’t only set me free from some celiac demon, who shall remain nameless, Jesus brought me to a group of people who showed me what real church is and what true discipleship looks like. Matthew 10:1 And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.
Desiree E.
British Columbia, CANADA
Freedom from the spirit of Lucifer. …. Peter and Bill helped pray for me when I was being tormented. They found out I had a spirit of Lucifer. This demon was nasty, I mean really nasty. He did not like Peter or Bill AT ALL. I remember trying to stare a cold stare to Peter through my computer as if he could see me. This spirit was very compelled to get close to the computer camera. However, Peter used the cross in his hand and each time he would put it close to the computer I would be forcefully drawn back into the couch as if something forcefully pushed me. Bill noticed that my eyes had completely turned black during part of the deliverance. The demons were so desperate to get away I remember unplugging the computer with my foot also. The Lord also reveled the enemies “war Table” at this time. See the “prayers” section for a prayer against this if you are battling spirit of Lucifer. I remember feeling very puffed up and powerful, but after a little bit of prayer I felt weaker and weaker to where I could just barely breathe. The demon was defeated and cast to the pit by the Lord Jesus Christ! thank you Jesus for setting me free! Also, thank you for Peter and Bill for taking time to serve the Lord ad his people. God bless them both!
Tracy Jackson, USA
Kingdom Worker
Freedom from Spirit Husband/ Spirit Wife Wow! God is amazing! I’m working on the synopsis for a book I read 4 months ago. It’s called Deliverance from Spirit husband spirit wife. This is the book that lead me to a 7 day fast to rid myself of spirit husband. Day three of the fast Matthew tells me he met a woman and was going to be with her. Since reading this book my life has been turned upside down. I’m looking through it and realize that I did not feel the touch of God or hear His voice when I read this book. I also had problems with lust, fantasy, lying and anger. Praise God! Not only do I feel His touch now I feel it all day! I also hear Him and have affectionate experiences with Him. I also used to sin without being troubled. I am terribly troubled when I sin now. This entire experience; all 4 months have been terrible, but wow! What I’ve gained is better than anything I had. Praise God!
Sarah B
Born Again Christian
If you are seeking an encounter with the Holy Spirit….. If you are seeking an encounter with the Holy Spirit, fellowship with a family of believers, and fruitful teachings deriving straight from God, then you have come to the right place at Peter Johnson’s Zoom Meeting Online Fellowship. We know God is not limited by time or space, so hopefully you will agree He is also not limited by online fellowship. Personally, I am seeking a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Father through Jesus. Each time I attend this church group I am edified and sharpened with the relevant and much needed revelation that I must stand upon and need to grow in the Lord. I have been blessed to have known Peter Johnson personally for a little over a year now and would like to say a few things about him as well. The only thing that exceeds Peter’s willingness to help others is his own personal relationship and full devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. He trust in the Lord and does not quench the spirit to please man. I find this quality to be a rarity these days and admire it. The ministry he operates is the Lord’s ministry and is built upon the pillar of love, which always endures all things and overcomes in the face of the enemy. I feel very blessed and am grateful to be continuously learning from the Holy Spirit through Peter and all of the brothers and sisters at this Zoom Meeting.
Brother R
Child of God
So Christians can have a demon! I’ve been with Peter’s group (the Holy Spirits group run via Peter) for around two years .When I arrived I was in rather a desperate state (I had a hamburger with the lot so to speak) Severe heaviness,oppression,depression,tiredness ,lethargy , weariness , bound up by legalism , pretty much bound from head to foot. The world was a dark place. I had just discovered the reality of the demonic world and the wonderful world of deliverance through the internet after reading Mark 16:17-18 17And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. So Christians can have a demon! So Satan is a liar and he’s lied to the churches! Payback time:) I found Win Worley and then omega man, then through omega man radio, P (squared) as Shannon called them Peter Johnson and Peter Whiffin who joyfully started attacking the Hosts of hell. And the hosts were not happy and fought back real hard and still are to this day, but the Lord is faithful and I am gaining the victory through HIM as I come into the understanding that he’s the deliverer and not me and he just isn’t one bit impressed when I think I can do it myself. Self works has been one thing I’ve had trouble coming out of. The battle rages 🙂 Whenever it all feels overwhelming which can be often – I know I have an awesome group of brothers and sisters in this group who have my back and the Lord uses each of us to help each of us.Those who are not interested in arguments and faction anyway. The Lord seems to remove anyone that does this- so be warned. Unity is key to this group. It’s the body of Jesus Christ functioning as it should -it’s awesome ! And the full on presence of the Holy Spirit working through all kinds of personalities and people. Hone your discernment in this group of what the Spirit is saying to the chuches! 🙂 Steve w
Stephen Westlake
Kingdom Worker
What a Awesome God we serve,,On sunday,, Peter and team prayed for me and Jesus set me Free from a 37 year maruajuana addiction,,,Praise our Lord Jesus Christ,,If the Son shall set you free,you shall be free indeed!!!
Peter W
Child of God
” i feel so free right now , i can hardly grasp it. i have not felt this free for some 2 years. I would like more as i get into the word and renew myself in it — i t could be a while ? i don’t know but i would like to stay in the group and be helped some more. A LOT MORE HALALULIA!”
Al Bar
Brother in Christ
Can Christians be influenced or even have a demonic or evil spirt? The answer is a resounding YES and it is scriptural. Mark 16:15 Jesus’s last words to His disciples were go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creatue. Then in verse Mar 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; This shows two things to me that 1) beleivers, even brand new beleivers have the authority to cast out demons 2) who are the demons being cast out of? The passage is speaking about beleivers so that is who they are to cast them out of. Have I had demons cast out of me, another resounding yes! As a baby I was adopted and with that comes a whole heap of emotional traumas lets say. The two that affected me the most were rejection and abandoment. Interestingly the abandonment didn’t surface ’til after the rejection was dealt with. Rejection is what I will talk about here. How did I know I suffered with rejection because the Lord showed me through a faithful minister that I was a perfectionist and quite competitive, this was to myway of thinking how people would accept me. There was deep sense of I wasnt worthy and I didn’t particulary like myself for no logical reason. I always felt alone even in a room full of people and I am somewhat of a people person so to me this was strange. It was difficult for me to love others also, I wanted to but really didnt know what that looked like! This rejection also stopped me from entering into an intimate relationship with the Father. I loved Jesus and the Holy Spirit and felt close to them but the Father that was a different story. To me He was some grandfather figure in the distance. I loved him but the relationship was from afar. Once being enlightened and wanting to be set free and I knew that scriptually this was possible I visited my pastor and his wife who ministered deliverance. They prayed, she had words of knowledge and eventually that thing came off me. I felt it was wrapped around middle of my back around where the heart would be and the pastors wife said she felt it move also.Glory to God Amen. Was I instantly changed? I believe so, I lost that competetive drive and the need to be accepted through my works. My heart was now open to form an intimate realtionship with the Father and because He is gentle,kind and so loving He just allowed it to develop at the right timing in Him. I now know how much I am loved by the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, I am accepted in the beloved, that I will never be alone again, and most of all it has shown me I can freely give because feely I have received. I am now “Free to Love”
Rosalyn Rouquier
Sister in Christ