Warfare Prayer For Anger

Say this prayer two times a day morning and night. To God be all the glory and praise in Jesus name amen.

Thank you Jesus for who you are. Thank you Jesus for loving me. Dear, Lord Jesus please forgive me of all my sins so I can pray with a clean heart, and I forgive everyone who hurt me and i bless them in Jesus name amen. Anger!! death!! destruction!! I   renounce you!! I come out of agreement with you now and forever you have no authority over me i am free from you in Jesus strong name amen. Spirit of fear!! I rebuke you!! I will not Fear. fear is not of faith i have GREAT FAITH , and you will obey me. GO!! To the pit now in Jesus name spirit of Anger!!  All
unclean spirits working with anger animosity
choler fury rage gall hatred Resentment  temper indignation wrath Violence murder cruelty bitterness spite Unforgiveness retaliation revenge outrage Hostility  enmity foolishness!! I Command you to come out of me now in Jesus name I REBUKE YOU !!! Go from me now to where the lord Jesus sends you in Jesus strong name amen you no longer have a place in me. Anger!! and his helpers will leave me Now!! In Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus for healing me . and i receive my healing in Jesus name amen. holy spirit fill me up fill the voids in me continue to use me and set me free in Jesus name, amen