This is a Christian non denominational deliverance web site for the purpose of ministering in healing, deliverance, and setting the captives free, Isaiah 61.
Keys to the kingdom w Peter

I (Peter Johnson) have had over 30 years experience in deliverance and give Jesus Christ all the Praise & Glory for what he has done in my life and how he has used me to set many people free from the Enemy time and time again. Assuredly as Jesus Christ is Lord, we have an adversity whose name is Satan. His only objective is to Kill, Steal and Destroy. Most people including most Christians have completely underestimated his level of Control which he has over Humanity, including most Christians and the whole World.


Ironically, Satan has even deceived most Christians into believing they can't have a demon, this is totally unscriptural and if it were so, Christians would be perfect as well as free from any forms of sickness or mental torment! So great is the deception which I have come across in the Christian Community that Church leaders actually resist the Holy Spirit in this ministry, failing to recognize that Jesus is at work..... like so many religious leaders of his time did denying the Power! Jesus called them Pharisees, and no one would classify themselves in this category, as no one thinks they are deceived do they!!! Not to cast out demons is totally unscriptural and in fact these people have a different gospel than that which Jesus preached. Firstly, I would like settle this false doctrine that most churches seem to teach.... That Christians can't have a demon, (which is totally false and actually absurd!)  They haven't come to the realization the Body is made up of three parts, (Spirit, Soul and Body). OK, we understand that now, firstly demons can not inhabit a Born Again persons Spirit, but they can certainly inhabit a persons Soul and Body. Galatians 5 verse 19 tells us of the works of the Flesh that Christians can have, well it might surprise you that these are all the names of demons, & I know, because I have cast them out of Born Again Christians! Now for the proof in Scripture.... 2 Corinthians 7 verse 1. "Therefore, having these promises beloved ( talking to Christians here!!! ) let us cleanse ourselves from all Filthiness of THE FLESH AND THE SPIRIT, perfecting holiness in the fear of God".  Filthiness of the Spirit that we have to cleanse ourselves from????....whats that talking about????? It's certainly not the new Born again mans spirit which is a new creation in Christ Jesus, it is of course talking about the EVIL SPIRITS. So we see the Evil spirits are in the Soul and the Body of the Christian.

Satan has a Kingdom which incorporates an army, his demons operate with strategy, cunning and great deception. His Kingdom is highly organized and is controlled by fear. Basically it is a counterfeit of Gods Kingdom but instead of Love he uses Fear. The Demonic armies have military precision which most armies of the world would envy, highly organized and very structured. Jesus said a kingdom divided against itself could not stand, and believe me Satans kingdom is not divided unless their comes a more powerful one than they!!! and that my friends is where the Body of Christ comes into play!...for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds, and when that happens, the enemy flees ...Praise the Lord.



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45 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY SITE

  1. Justin Turner

    Do you have any friend connection that can meet at any of these events gathered at churches across the land and internationally they would do better standing agreement with all Godly prayers every where if and how could we further these events a collaboration page on Godly video page would aid at preparation for these kind of events with downloadable ebooks like on the wrw publishing.com and The Ministry Of Salvation has too offer do you have a menu list of itsagodthingproductions777.com kyle has some good outline resources too.

    1. Joshua Abraham Perth Wa

      Good day sir I’ve been suffering from brain fog and it’s symptoms and it’s affecting my life and academics. Pls sir what can I do.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Sir, my son is consumed with panic, fear and anxiety and has been that way since he was little. Do you have accept donations or what is the amount people usually donate? You are worthy of compensation for all you do. Thank you. Diane Tayman, John 14:6….

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Dear sister, God bless you!! If you would like to help this ministry by a love gift, we would be grateful and humbled. Whatever amount the Lord puts on your heart is what to give. However, it is NOT a requirement for receiving deliverance or being part of this ministry. Matthew 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. We love you and Jesus loves you too! We will add you to the email list for group invites.

  3. Viorel Bradea

    Please pray for total freedom deliverance formour son Eric Benjamin Bradea from Melbourne Australia who is a slave todrugs mariohana and bad company ofnfriends, bad soul ties needs to be broken…the Lord spoke tohim about 2 – 3 times but for some reasons Ben isstill going back, lacking ther power to stay free..
    He had relationship and authority problems since he was 4yo. We took him to many prayer,deliverance groups, many doctors, phchiatrists, psychologists etc…he was very discouraged when after prayer even God copuldn’t help him …He knew that what he was doing was wrong but couldn’t stop doind it, hate it..he had nopower to overcome that evil thing…
    We prayed from tyour Mass deliverance Document, and took Ben’s to heavens Courts but still he is NOT 100% free and with the power to resist evil temptations on his life…
    He was baptised and confess Christ as his Lord and Saviour last year!…

    Can u help please.
    Thank in Jehoshua’s Name

      1. Devorah

        Plz pray for my husband Samuel, daughter Ruth, son Dan and me. We r being constuntly attact with strife through misunderstandings…I know it’s demonic it’s taring us apart…plz help, we r desperate. Christian love. Devorah.

  4. ze

    Pastor, please please please i am under a spiritual attack. There are these three indian women who stared at my crotch and black birds who are attacking me. i believe they cannot succeed against me. but please i seriously need an agreement prayer to bring these weak wickedness into the pit of corruption. Please ask God Almighty restore feeling to my reproductive region. Please i need you to please pray for me. i am a very young person, after they stared i stopped having feeling in that area.


    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Please come join us in our zoom group! We can help pray for and with you. God bless you, and details are under “Training” section on this website. Love you and God bless you!!

  5. Edward Qaser

    Dear Brother /Sister ,

    It is my privilege to have an email with you. I am Pastor Edward Qaser from Lahore , Pakistan. I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ with Ev angelistic and Humanity based ministry , to glorify His name and there is good team of Ministers working with us in the field of Harvest in Pakistan. Our main focus is to reach to unreached with Love of Christ.
    People of Pakistan need of knowing about the truth and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ especially the poor people are deprived one.

    Dear, EGM Pakistan is also an Humanity base organization and working for the development of the human beings its main object is to mitigate the effects of poverty, disease, illiteracy, bad governance, disasters, human rights abuse and environmental degradation, on the human race at grass roots level and against all odds, restore its decorum.

    We accomplish this mission by implementing various community based programs like Empowerment of women , Computer Center, Sewing Center, Flood Relief Projects, Relief in disasters, Provide food to Poor and Disable families, Orphan Center, Scholarship for Poor and Needy Students .

    I want to invite you with great love and encouraging words to come to Pakistan and bring the Good News of Lord Jesus with people of Pakistan. Only 2.8 % Christian in Pakistan out of 200 million people , so there is an urgent need of Servants of the Lord.

    May Lord lay burden on your heart for your Pakistani brethren .

    We are inviting you come to Pakistan to conduct crusades, seminars, Leadership conferences and Evangelical Meetings … Hope to hear from you as soon as….

    God Bless you

    Edward Qaser ( Director )

    Cell :- 92-300-843-7639

    Office :- 92-423-596-5371

    website :- http://www.egm.org.pk

  6. Paul Mann

    I hve I belive been under soirtual oppresion for most of my life and very heavy in recent years,would appreciate any advice or prays

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Hey Paul,
      We are sending you an email. Also, check under the “Prayers” section on this website for more help and the “teachings” section also. Please, try to join the live group on sat/sun depending on your timezone. Details can be found under “training” sat meeting. Love you brother and God bless you!! Hope to see you soon!

  7. Shibu Mathew

    I am a Indian Christian Missionary working here in Zambia (Africa). Need financial support daily for travelling in a public transport. Until now no one is supporting me. Kindly pray for me.

  8. john

    s.o.s i need help fast have something inside me been up for days,wont let me sleep,heard voice she will claim her husband in 4 days…2 days left! please call,no email access,im john perez,512-765-1758

  9. faith mirota braimoh

    please pastor i need help i m being tormented by evil demonic powers in my dreams even in reality sir I’m being tormented sexually I’m a born again Christian this is really disturbing my Christian life I’m an adult mature in age to get married this has really cost my relationship i ve had so many broken relationships especially when the person is a good Christian all of a sudden he starts losing interest in me for no good reason or me losing interest in dem for no good reason right now my relationship right now i think it’s affecting it now i need a complete deliverance from all this is want to b free n do Gods work n ve a normal relationship n get married please pastor i need ur help on this i need strength from God n total freedom from this evil torments

  10. Paula

    Hi just come across your site and everything you say I agree with . From November 2016 and still in process God has been delivering me from spirits in my soul I have been a Christian over 20 years. This however is not something that many are experiencing in my church although men are being raised up teaching this deliverance from demons in our church it’s something I never fully understood. God had been speaking to me for some time of how he was going to remove impurities they had been brought to surface . I did receive initial prayer at beginning but I believe it was just the beginning God has led me in a path of self deliverance which is ongoing . It can be so hard but I know it will finish . My mum who I am very close to and who I want to share with I have had to be careful what I say she chooses not to fully believe it and really doesn’t want to sadly so many are the same . I know this is all for I purpose and it’s my desire now to see others fully free and delivered . All prayers welcomed. Thanks

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      God bless you Paula! Please come join us in zoom on Monday or Sat 6pm central time. Look under the “Training” tabs for more info. We have a great group the Lord has put together that are like-minded. Hope to see you there! Love you in the Lord! <3

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Someone from this ministry will call you sister! God bless you and Love you in the Lord!

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Thank you for your comment sister Kim. We sent you an email to work out a good time to pray for you. <3

  11. Mark

    Hello, my entire family was into really dark stuff, most of which they strived to keep hidden from me. My dad and sister were both wolves in sheep’s clothing, they would mock people they knew in the community for trusting them. I moved 1000 miles away but I still feel trapped. I’m exhausted and in pain all the time even though I’m physically very fit and active. Its been like 15 years of this. Please pray for me, I barely have the strength to do anything. I know it has something to do with them. I live in the us btw. I really need help, I cannot do it alone.

  12. jess

    I am really desperate for help. I would so appreciate help getting free so that I can be back to the life God has for me. I can’t possibly describe all that has transpired but I am so paralyzed I cannot function. I once had a strong and peaceable walk with the Lord and my mind is so messed up from trauma and a bunch of cultish ministries I did not perceive were deception until it was too late . I feel like I was bewitched as in Galatians. Its so crazy. I am plagued with distrust and feel like I cannot quite get back to what is real. I would trade everything I have to regain the soundness of mind and peace I once enjoyed. Please help me!
    I cannot believe my own behavior in this and the toxic shame of having lived in new covenant joy to being so bound up. Is it possible to receive some ministry via phone? I am very far away. PLEASE HELP

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Hey sister, I believe we ministered to you on Sat night. Did you still want a phone call? Please join us in zoom on Monday, ok. Love you in the Lord!!

  13. Katy & Gene & Tim & Lachlan

    Hi Peter!

    Our family wants to shout a huge thank you.
    Yourself and Jimmy are valuable vessels for Christ and are awesome brothers in Christ. Amen.

  14. Karey

    Help me the evilone has me heart i cant feel love nor joy im truly scared iv tried deliverance through prayer at the catholic church to no avail my mind is foggy i can hardly look after myself i have a yo ge daughter and adult with a disability i cant pray from the heart

    1. PeterDelivera Post author

      Hey sister Karey, we are sending you an email so we can help you pray, ok. Love you in the Lord!

  15. Jewel

    I thank my Lord Jesus for using this ministry to bring me the deliverance I’ve needed, even though I knew I was born again I knew somehow I still wasn’t completely free and that there were things in my life tormenting and working against me, I was almost constantly in fear, so afraid that I wouldn’t even close my eyes for too long in prayer because I was afraid, while I was asleep I’d been attacked in my sleep, I found it hard to prayer and to feel even close to God. Now I can say that I’m experiencing God’s love, for the first time I truely seeing Him as my Father and I am His daughter and I will continue to believe and proclaim it. May God bless my brothers and sisters as we help each other and His love abide in us so that we can continue to be connected as the wonderful family we really are.


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